Evgeni Markov

Evgeni Konstantinov Markov was born in Sofia on August 4th 1986. As a student, he practised basketball at CSKA Sofia, as well as taekwondo at the Central Police Club. He reached sixth gup (green belt), but an unfortunate competition made him switch from martial arts to something more peaceful .... salsa. In 2011. graduated with a master's degree in Radio Communications at the Technical University in Sofia, in 2013 he finished with right to major as a doctoral student at the Department of Radio Communications with 4 written scientific articles in the field of Microwave Technologies in radio communications. In addition to dancing, Evgeni also works as a senior уеф аеэевдзеи and team leader. In recent years, his work has taken him to interesting destinations - Frankfurt, Palma de Mallorca, Tokyo.


Evgeni started salsa dancing in 2003. His first four years, he was dancing salsa at Alex and Flo's schools, Alfredo Torres and Red Salsa. He was an assistant instructor at the Red Salsa School and participated in various festivals in Austria, Belgium, and major events in Bulgaria during the period 2005-2007.


Since June 2007. he partnered with Lili Konstantinova and founded the Palante Dance Club. As a competition couple, Evgeni and Lili developed their technique with Plamen Panayotov, founder of KST "Mirror", Sofia; Abel Pena, five-time Salsa World Champion, Adrian and Anita.


In 2009 they opened PaLante Dance Studio, where for over 11 years every day the history of Palante is written with lots of music, dancing, choreographies, and lots of good times :) With Lili they represented Bulgaria at many international festivals, participated in many competitions, organized the Salsa / Salsa & Swing Friends Weekends trips, and overall - created a large and extremely positive salsa family under the roof of PaLante.


Evgeni is working actively to develop the salsa community in Bulgaria, organizing some of the biggest Bulgarian events and working with the biggest names in the world salsa scene. His dancing style is constantly changing, with him being a frequent visitor to the best schools in Europe, traveling and taking private lessons from Antonio and Jasmine Berardi, SalsaDoo Panagiotis and Myrto, Latin Soul - Adolfo, Tanya, Lorenita, Marco, Fabri.


In the last 4 years Evgeni and his new partners have been representing Bulgaria at numerous festivals, making them the most invited Bulgarian instructors abroad. Evgeni, with the help of Lili, developed a new generation of salseros in Sofia, teaching them an specific instructor approach and the love for dance and music. He is trying to teach young salseros to respect the culture and history of music and dance, both globally and in terms of the Bulgarian salsa society. He would define himself as a comprehensively developed salsero - managing PaLante Downtown, choreographing least 2 choreographs each year for the school's stage groups, actively working on improving as an instructor, show performer and dancer, balancing it all with his family and programming. And although balance is lost from time to time, he always tries to do his best in what he does and does it with a lot of love :) Aguaaa!