Nicole Churanova was born on September 15 in Sofia. She graduated mathematics high school, but realized that art was always a part of her life, and that's exactly what she decided to do professionally, starting University with Graphic Design major


From an early age, Nicole started dancing. She quickly discovered that dancing is her passion. He tried styles such as folk dance, classical and modern ballet. She has been training at the Maria Gateva School of Rhythmic Gymnastics for one year, but this style fails to grab her


Later in late 2008, Nicole discovered the magic of salsa. He started with the first PaLante Kids children group, with which she presented her school at the biggest Bulgarian festival - Fanta Dance Festival. For several years she participated in the kids group, until in 2012 she became part of the first girl salsa team of Palante - PaLante Girls, later PaLante Divas. At the end of 2015 Nicole joined PaLante Dance Team. To this day, she is part of the team that represents Palante and Bulgaria at some of the largest and most prestigious festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. With her partner then she participated in couples division of a local dance competition in the division up to 18 years, in which they took first place


From 2017 Nicole is an instructor in the PaLante Dance Studio where she teaches salsa, bachata, cha-cha. That same year, Nicole was invited to be Evgeni's partner, with whom they also presented Palante at international festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. In October 2017 Nicole and Evgeni took third place in the Salsa Couple event held in Borovets. In 2018. they also appear at the Stargate competition in Warsaw, held at one of the largest festivals in Europe, the El Sol Salsa Festival, as the only representatives of Bulgaria