Salsa Beginners

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Updated on 08.04.2024

Salsa combos:

✅ Pikaboo !NEW! -

✅ Arriba y Abajo -

✅ Setenta Dos -

✅ Chocolata -

Bachata combos:

✅ !NEW! 5th combo bachata -

✅ 4rd combo bachata -

✅ 3rd combo bachata -



🎹🎶 - The music from our last dance season, you can download it from here -


Important notes from your instructors

This section will be developed over time with any information that would be helpful in your journey in the salsa and bachata world.

We want to recommend the following things to you:

❗Watch your combos before the group. Your partners will feel the difference between being prepared or relying only on vague memories of previous lessons, trust us.

❗Come to dances with clean shoes. A bit of mud or slush in the hall, and then all the groups will slip terribly, it's very unpleasant for everyone, really.

❗Be patient with yourself and your partners. Everyone learns, some just need a little more time 🙂

❗The beginner group, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:20, has one huge advantage - you can come 20 or 25 minutes earlier. The hall will be open and we will be there, if you need to go over any step, come and ask us.


In the near future, expect more hopefully useful information about the dances and what's to come

¡Siempre PaLante y hasta bailando!


✅ Fred -

✅ Mario -

✅ Sombrero -

✅ Setenta -

✅ Fly -

✅ Paseala -

✅ Prima (in Facebook) -


Bachata Archive

✅ 2nd combo bachata -