New monthly subscriptions

You can now choose a specific month and buy subscription only for it!

The price is 10 EUR, the classes are 12 or 16 (depending on the month), your access remains forever

To the schedule

All online classes - 40 EUR

Until the end of January you can get your full subscription (78 classes) for our Online Academy for 50 EUR  40 EUR

The classes are forever available - you can train whenever you want and you can use our online mentoring!

More info
Welcome to PaLante Onlne Academy!

Led by our desire to continue dancing in the quarantine, and after it, we have created this ambitious project that aims to give you the possibility to continue your dancing from home. The Palante Team will prepare lessons for you in different dances - salsa, bachata, cha cha, as well as different styles of salsa, so-called "skills" - on1, on2, pachanga, body movement, spinning, afro, musicality.
We chose the format of recorded lessons for 2 main reasons
1. You dont need to be online at a specific day and time - by purchasing one of our packages you will be able to watch the videos ALWAYS when you are comfortable, even after the period for which you have paid has expired.
2. You will be able to easily rewind the moments with explanations or go to the with music part, you have complete freedom to watch, dance, or both :)

Explore what else our academy has to offer.

What to expect?

Access available forever

We have recorded 26 free and 78 paid classes. The free lessons will be in Bulgarian, the paid ones will be in English (we would like to give the opportunity to our friends from schools outside Bulgaria to become part of the Palante family as well). If you purchase a subscription, access to the lessons remains forever. Dont worry - everything will be explained slowly and repeated many times, turned in different directions, shown at slower and faster music, as well as with separate shots only on the legs.

Great prices

You can choose a monthly subscription for a month of your choice - you will receive 12 (or 16) lessons at a price of 10 EUR. Access to lessons remains forever. Or for a discount of 40 EUR. price for all our lessons. And if you already have a monthly subscription, the price of the full access is 30 EUR! on1, on2, pachanga, body movement, spinning, afro, musicality, men / ladies styling, everything most interesting from the world of salsa at the moment, will be 1 click away. Remember - paid lessons will be in English, and will be for the improvers / advanced salseros. If you define yourself as such, our program will definitely be useful to you!

The best quality

We use the best and most secure video streaming platform - Vimeo. The videos are 1080p HD, with professional lighting and we will always try to improve the quality. Our payment system is 100% secure and with 0 taxes. You can easily and conveniently pay with a credit / debit card, and your subscription becomes active immediately!