Frequently asked questions about PaLante Online Academy. If you have additional questions, you can always contact us via the Contact form in the footer
What is Palante Online Academy?

PaLante Online Academy is a platform specifically designed for everyone, who wants to continue dancing during the quarantine. Palante Academy offers you the opportunity to develop your dance skills during the quarantine and after that. Each week we will offer you free and paid lessons in different styles at all levels. 

What packages are available?

Our academy offers three kind of paid packages - weekly, monthly and six months. With weekly package, you can access all videos for a specific week, the monthly package gives you access to the videos for 4 weeks (the starting week is the one through which you purchased the package), and with the six-month packages available you have access too the videos for 26 weeks(6 monthly packages + 2 weeks starting the week through which you purchased the package). Weeks are divided by their number in the year (from 1 to 52 or 53 ), each week is starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. If you purchase a subscription Sunday, you receive access to the classes for the week, which this Sunday is part of (for example - Sunday, 10th May, is part of week 18, from 4th May to 10th May, you will receive access to classes from that period. If you purchase a subscription on Monday, 11th May, which is part of week 19, from 11th to 17th of May, you will receive access to classes from that period

Do I need to register?

To watch the free classes that we offer, you don't need to sign up. If you want to take part in our paid ones, you must register and then choose one of the subscriptions we offer. 

When is the purchased package activated?

The package you’ve bought, no matter which one it is, activates on the day of the purchase and is valid for the week it was purchased. When you buy a weekly package on Sunday, you can access the lessons from the past week and when you purchase a package on Monday, you can access the lessons for the current week. The week, through which you’ve made the payment, is considered as the starting week for the monthly and six months packages.

What styles do you offer?

PaLante Online Academy offers weekly tutorials in all styles and at all levels. We will have classes in different types of dance - salsa, bachata, cha-cha. We will also offer classes in different styles of salsa, as we call it "skills" - on1, on2, pachanga, body-movement, spinning, afro, musicality.

Is it appropriate for beginners as well?

Our academy is suitable for dancers at every level. The classes will offer you basic and easy steps, and skills such as basic techniques to help any beginner dancer improve their dancing and move to higher dance level. The classes in the paid section of the Academy are intended for people with at least 6 months of experience (and some of them are quite advanced), BUT keep in mind, the classes are recorded can be viewed as many times as you wish, so this would give you the opportunity to learn the combinations even if you're not a salsa master! :)

Do you have lessons for advanced dancers?

PaLante Online Academy will also offer lessons for the most advanced dancers. We have specially prepared both footwork and partnerwork lessons for the ones that are more advanced. Everyone will be able to find lessons in different dances and different styles, which will give you the possibility to master your dance technique and upgrade your dance level. Most classes are with level improvers/advanced and are for more advanced dancers, so the answer is YES :)

Can I be part of the lessons if I don't have partner at home?

We’ve taken every single dancer into consideration. In any case, you can take part of our footwork lessons where we will make footwork combinations and pay attention to stepping, spinning and body-movement techniques.

Will I be able to watch the videos after the paid package has expired?

When you pay for a certain period, you receive an access that remains active even after the expire date. You will be able to continue watching videos and train lessons, you’ve learned.

Do I have to be online at a certain time to watch the videos I’ve purchased for?

The videos, we offer in PaLante Online Academy, are offline and can be watched at any time. You don’t need to be online at a certain day and time to watch a specific lesson. When buying one of our packages, you will be able to watch the videos ALWAYS at your convenience, even after the expiration of the package you’ve paid for. Offline videos will give you the opportunity to return to the moments with explanations or to see some of the ones with music. You have the freedom to watch, dance or both.