Terms and conditions/Cancellation terms

Terms and conditions/Cancellation terms for PaLante Online Academy subscriptions
The video classes, provided by PaLante Online Academy, called for short the Academy, are a recorded solo or couples combinations in different styles of afro carribean dances - salsa - LA & NY & Cuban Style, Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga, Afro Rumba, Son, Bachata. The class duration is between 5 and 15 minutes, consisting of steps explanations, counts, details, demonstration with music of different tempo. The classes in the free section of the Academy are held in Bulgarian language, the classes in the paid section of the Academy are held in English language.

The classes can be viewed unlimited number of times. The minimum time of availability of the classes is 2 years from the launch of the Academy (27.04.2020)

Each week a minimum of 3 paid classes and 1 or 2 free classes will be uploaded in the Academy.

The classes aim to improve the users dance level, but do not guarantee successfull dance results.

The health and physical wellbeing of each user is their own responsibility, the Academy is not responsible for traumas or injuries during the practise of the classes at home. However, the Academy is asking for mandatory warming up and responsible attitude towards your own and your partners health and wellbeing.

With the purchase of a subscription you accept the terms and conditions of using PaLante Online Academy.

Cancellations and refunds of subscriptions

If youre not satisfied and want to cancel an already purchased subscription, you need to send an email to palanteonlineacademy@gmail.com. Please write the email you used to puchase the subscription in the Academy and what is the subscription starting date.

For the 6 months subscription you can make a cancellation up to one week after purchase.
For the 1 month subscription you can make a cancellation up to 3 days after purchase.
For one week subscription you can make a cancellation up to 24h after purchase

Operator of PaLante Online Academy
Red Solutions Company Ltd
Company number: 204899080
Address: Sofia, str. Gen. Gurko 66